Apostrophe Technology is the culmination of years of doing web design and development for friends and family, it only took me 15 years to come up with a name!

People have asked why Apostrophe Technology, well I wanted something that well defined me and was somewhat unique. My name contains an apostrophe, which I like, its a little something extra if I do say so myself. So years of on the phone spelling of D apostrophe A, I decided it was a good choice of name. Plus its got a built in appeal of what you use apostrophes for, they denote ownership, so in that vein I am helping my clients take ownership of their little piece of the internet.


Who am I?

I am Christine D’Ambrosio, owner, developer, designer and basically the coolest Jane of all trade’s you may ever meet! I’ve been making websites in one way or another ever since college and back then you had to know HTML to build a website, wysiwyg editors were few and far between. And to think I used to be able to build pretty expansive sites using only a few MB of free space available on geocities and the like!

I’ve worked professionally as a Business Analyst collaborating and sometimes colluding with developers, architects and other business folk to get large enterprise web projects deployed and working for the past 7 years. Also I am one of the very best ad hoc testers you’ll ever meet, I’ve never met an application that I couldn’t find a defect in!